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Combining Artistry and Elegance with a Practical Approach.

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My extensive experience and practical approach means I know where to invest and where to save to realize a client’s vision, while keeping track of the budget. Quality isn’t designing something that simply looks good, it’s crafting an outdoor environment with the right materials and products, symbiotic water features, living plants and trees that will continue to thrive long after the project is completed.

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Our creativity is ignited by our clients, learning about their ideas and hopes for their dream backyard oasis. There’s a special energy that develops when we share ideas, consider opportunities, troubleshoot and come together to design a space that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

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Efficiency has a lot to do with knowing when to stop. We would never waste anyone’s time or money by doing more work for the sake of doing more work. We also know where details are key to effective communication for accurate pricing. Respecting the budget, time and the client’s goals are paramount.

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We have a strong sense of commitment to the quality and creativity of a project, developing something interesting that’s perfectly suited to our client, and integrity is doing all of this efficiently. We guide our clients to make informed purchasing decisions, to buy what’s right for them. We appreciate and respect the opportunity to connect people with the place they live, where they spend their time, and help them create this special living space they can enjoy year-round.

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