Landscape Design


A landscape designer is essential to any sustainable, well-composed, functioning outdoor space. Imagine being able to walk outdoors and be welcomed by a pleasing outdoor living area, thriving plants that need little maintenance and the comfort of knowing that your garden will mature and develop for years to come. Our design services will take you through the necessary processes to unlock the full potential of your outdoors.

Theron Horton Design Inc. provides landscape design services and project management for residential, commercial and multi-family landscapes on the West Coast. We create outdoor living spaces tailored to your needs, with every amenity you desire, and our sustainable landscape designs can be influenced by any style you wish—coastal, formal, cottage, Mediterranean, modern, Japanese—or we can create a fusion of styles to best suit the space you have. This is your resort at home.

We have decades of experience and the skills to create private gardens, water features, street-facing gardens, front-entry spots, courtyards, retaining walls, hardscapes and more. We will analyze the layout of your property and come up with ideas that can solve practical issues, such as drainage and sloped areas; we can also assist with those difficult or awkward unused areas, find the best plants and trees that will enhance your property with every passing season, and provide privacy as needed.

Solving these practical issues is simple. Our goal is to help you build a landscape that allows you to spend more time outdoors and provides years of enjoyment for you and your family.

Our Process

The design process starts with a comprehensive consultation. We need to get to know you and your goals in order to offer you our best work.This consultation leads to a brainstorming process and thorough overview of the landscaping scope of work. The next step is to incorporate your vision along with the expertise of our design team. Once the design is approved, we then help develop a strategy for construction.

Expand your living space and elevate your lifestyle.

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